Prince Edward Island Area Codes & Map

Prince Edward Island is Officially using 2 Prince Edward Island Area Codes. In Which 1 Of Them Are Overlay Codes. when the numbering system was established in 1947 Prince Edward Island originally has one Area Code 902 Which Covers The Entire State. After Increasing Population And Telephone use to need a further Area Code to meet the demand 1 other Prince Edward Island Area Codes Are Establish. The most recently added was 782 in 2014 as an overlap of 902 And Today Area Code 902 Is the Most Populated Areas.

What Is Area Code?

Area code is a three-digit code in which the US and other countries are divided. It is Also a local telephone dialing code where They Call each other With These Codes.

List Of Prince Edward Island Area Codes:

The Regions Which Are Served By Prince Edward Island Area Codes

782 – It is An overlay Code. It Covers The Entire State.

902 – It Is The First Area Code And it Covers The Entire State

Changes & History Of Prince Edward Island Area Codes

In 01/01/1947 – Area code 902 was set into service.

On 01/01/1955 – Area code 902 was divided to form area code 506.

In 11/30/2014 – Area code 782 was set into service as an overlap of area code 902. Effective from November 16, 2014, a 10 digit dialing (area code + seven-digit number) is needed in Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island Area Codes

Why are area codes added?

When The Current Area Codes Expires Or Increase in the use of cellular phones, modems, and Internet access It Creates Problems. So That why Area Codes Are Added And each area code has a potential capacity of about 8 million unique phone numbers


Once The new Area Codes Rae assigned there is usually a 6 Months Period To Move. At that time Customers Are Encouraged To Use The Code But Seven Digit Dialling is Allowed. After 6 Months customers are required to use the new telephone no.

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