Maine Area Code – List Of Area Codes And Maps

Maine is officially using 1 Maine Area code. Maine Area code 207 covers all of the State of Maine  since the modern phone system was established by AT&T and the Bell System in 1947. Area code 207 is expected to be Split in a few years, although the deadline has been extended several times due to technical changes.

Maine Area Code

Maine Is Officially Using 1 Maine Area Code Which Is :-

States Which Are Covered by Area Code 207 :

207 :- All The States Of Maine.

History And Changes Of Area Code 207

In 01/01/1947 – Maine Area Code 207 Was Put Out Into Service And in Public.

Maine Area Code

What Is Area Code?

Area code is a three digit code in which the us and other countries are divided. It is Also a local telephone dialling code where They Call each other With These Codes.

Why are area codes added?

When The Current Area Codes Expires Or Increase in use of cellular phones, modems, and Internet access It Creates Problem. So That why Area Codes Are Added And each area code has a potential capacity of about 8 million unique phone numbers


Once The new Area Codes Rae assigned there is usually a 6 Months Period To Move. At that time Customers Are Encouraged To Use The Code But Seven Digit Dialling is Allowed. After 6 Months customers are required to use the new telephone no.

Other Area Code

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