Colorado Area Codes – Area Code List And Map

Colorado currently uses 4 Colorado Area Codes. When first established by AT&T and Bell Systems in 1947, 303 covered the entire state of Colorado. The most recent addition was in 1998 as an overlay of 720 to 303. Today, 303 is the state’s most popular with an estimated 2.9 million of 5 million residents

Colorado Area Codes

Colorado States Is Served By These Area Code

303/720 – which serve Denver and Boulder

719- which serves Colorado Springs and southeastern Colorado

970- which serves northern and western Colorado

History of Colorado Area Codes:

Area code 303 was out into service. In 1988 Area code 303 was break to form area code 719. 1995 area code 303 was break to form area code 970. In 1998 area code 303 was overlays with area code 720.

Area code 719 was out into service. Area code 719 was created from a division of area code 303.

Area code 970 was out into service. Area code 970 was created from a division of area code 303.

Area code 720 was out into service. Area code 720 is an overlap of area code 303

Colorado Area Codes

What Is Area Code?

Area Code Is A three-digit code that Finds one of the telephone areas into which the U.S. and other countries are divided and that is the local telephone number when dialing a call between areas.

Why are area codes added?

Area codes are added when the current number expires. In North America, each area code has a potential capacity of about 8 million unique phone numbers. Increased use of cellular phones, modems, and Internet access may require existing telephone number resources, additional area codes may be required, according to Nestar.


Once the new area code starts being assigned, there is usually a six-month period of transition, where customers are encouraged, but not required, to use the new code, but seven-digit. Dialing is allowed. After six months, callers are required to use the appropriate area code and telephone number.

Other Countries Area Codes

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